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Hair Services

Do you want to reduce or remove unwanted hair growth? or are you experiencing hair loss and want to promote and maintain healthier hair growth? 

We are here to assist by providing education on evidence-based options to address your needs.


At Beauty by the Bay Skin and LASER we understand how hair growth, loss, or sudden changes can impact your self-image and confidence.

We provide a multimodal approach to these concerns that is bespoke to your needs as well as short-term and long-term goals.  

We also can treat hair concerns associated with:​

  • Medical Conditions & Medication (side effects)

  • Ageing

  • Hirsuitism & Hypertrichosis

  • Gender Affirmation/Transition

In some cases, treatment may also involve referral or co-management with a medical health professional to discuss other options to support your treatment.

Education (Assessment) Appointment

During this appointment, your beauty therapist or dermal clinician will undertake consultation including a discussion to find out more about your goals, medical history, lifestyle as well as methods you may have tried previously.  

You will also have a physical assessment to determine your hair type, colour, density, and how it is distributed.  Skin and scalp health may also be evaluated when appropriate.

This education and assessment appointment is vital to understanding your situation and goals to provide you with an evidence-based strategy that suits your needs and preferences.

During this appointment, you will receive a test patch and an information pack to assist you with deciding if proceeding with therapy is right for you.


If you are having a therapy where light-based therapy is recommended as part of your care plan, you will be required to have a skin cancer screening and clearance for the area being treated before beginning therapy.

TIME 30-45 mins

COST RANGE $45-$60

Hair Removal (Electrolysis)

This method of hair removal uses a small probe and electrocautery to remove hairs.  This therapy may be recommended when hair growth or skin type is not suitable for light-based therapy.  This includes white, very blonde, and red hair. 


Electrolysis is best suited to small areas of hair removal.  Electrolysis may be used when there are pigmented lesions within the area, not suited to light-based hair removal.  It can also be used at the start or end of a treatment plan involving light-based therapies to reduce or remove hairs that are not responsive due to not having enough pigment. 


Electrolysis can also be used on areas that may be used for skin grafts in preparation for skin being relocated.

TIME 15 - 45 minutes 

COST RANGE $60-&80


Laser Hair Reduction 

This method of hair reduction uses light-based, medical-grade equipment to reduce hair growth by up to 70-80%.  Light or Laser technologies target the colour of hair, to heat up and destroy the cells that the hair grows from.  Although this technique can be tailored to most skin and hair types it is best suited to people with lighter skin and darker hair.  

IPL and LASER hair reduction is well suited to larger or denser areas of hair growth for faster treatment.  Due to the way that these treatments work hair will become much sparser, finer, and lighter over a course of several treatments.  How many treatments you will need will depend on several factors that will be discussed based on your individual circumstances in your consultation appointment. 


We all have dormant hair follicles and with changes as we age, environment as well as medications or medical conditions over subsequent years these hair follicles may grow hair in the future, at that time top-up treatments may be desired or required.

TIME 15 - 45 minutes 

COST RANGE $95-$150


Hair Loss Therapy

Hair loss and thinning can result due to a variety of reasons including injury, trauma and surgery, pregnancy, significant weight loss, illness, ageing, medications, and medical conditions.  

Therapy for hair loss is multi-modal and can include education regarding home products and how to manage your hair to prevent further hair fall or loss.  


In-clinic services may include the use of massage to increase circulation and promote scalp health as well as topical products to assist with preventing hair fall and promote hair growth.  Your therapy may incorporate techniques such as skin needling, light emitting diode (LED), or low-level laser therapy (LLLT).  These therapies can assist with promoting the regeneration and repair of existing hair follicles to encourage growth and maintenance of hair growth.


In some cases, it may also be recommended that you speak with your GP or a specialist in hair loss and regeneration regarding other options such as medications or procedures that may be more suited to your situation and goals.

TIME 15 - 45 minutes 


Referral Form

Are you an allied health, health professional or health service looking to refer clients for hair services? 

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