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Skin Services

Choosing a skin health professional is an important decision.  At Beauty by the Bay, we have a range of beauty and clinical treatments.   We understand how changes in skin health can impact self-image, confidence, and quality of life.

We provide a multimodal approach to these concerns that is bespoke to your needs and goals.


Some of the conditions that we can assist with at Beauty by the Bay include:​

  • Acne and blemishes

  • Flushing, persistent redness

  • Visible blood vessels on the face or body

  • Non-healing skin wounds and lesions 

  • Scars and stretch marks

  • dry, itchy and thickened skin

  • Sun damage and changes in the skin with ageing

  • Uneven pigment, brown spots

  • skin tags 

Our Dermal Clinicians can also treat skin concerns associated with:​

  • Medical Conditions & Medication (side effects)

  • Gender Affirmation/Transition

  • Pre and post-operative clients

  • Diabetics

  • Cancer and survivorship

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome

In some cases, treatment may also involve referral or co-management with a medical health professional to discuss other options to support your treatment.

Education (Assessment) Appointment

During this appointment, your Dermal Clinician will undertake consultation including discussion to find out more about your goals, medical history, lifestyle as well as methods you may have tried previously.  

You will also have a physical assessment to determine your skin type, and learn more about skin conditions, and disorders as well as the symptoms you are experiencing.

This education and assessment appointment is vital to understand your individual situation and goals to provide you with an evidence-based strategy that suits your needs and preferences.

During this appointment, you will receive a test patch and an information pack to assist you with deciding if proceeding with therapy is right for you.


If you are having a therapy where light-based therapy is recommended as part of your care plan, you will be required to have a skin cancer screening and clearance for the area being treated prior to beginning therapy.


Initial Consultation & Assessment 45 mins

Follow-up virtual consultation 30 mins

COST RANGE $45-$60

Skin Management - Standard Appointment

Skin management therapies are tailored to your individual needs including skin concerns and symptoms, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Skin management is for any area of the body or face.  It's for when you are experiencing skin changes that can result from changes as you grow up or age, environment or lifestyle, seasons, health status including medical conditions, and use of medications.

At Beauty by the Bay Skin and LASER, we believe that skin health should be accessible to everyone and we will work with you to promote healthier skin so you feel more confident and comfortable.  We provide evidence-based education and therapies so you can rest assured that we will not sell you therapies or products you don't need or won't help with your skin concerns.

Skin therapy is multi-modal and can include a range of products, techniques, or technologies to suit your specific needs.

In all skin management, you will experience:

  • Cleansing and preparation of the area

  • Massage to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Application of corrective or protective topical formulations

Depending on your specific skin concerns and goals additional therapies may be discussed with you as part of your skin health plan.   These include:

  • Light-based therapies

  • Electrotherapies

  • Skin Needling

TIME  45  minutes 

COST RANGE POA starting from $120


Skin Management - Short Appointment

Short skin management appointments are for follow-up appointments after a skin management standard or long appointment.  They may also be booked when clients are receiving frequent treatments as part of their individual plan, for areas being treated that are smaller or where skin management plans require fewer modalities and time. Your first appointment will always be a standard appointment

TIME 30 minutes 

COST RANGE $95-$120


Skin Management  - Long Appointment

Long skin management appointments are for when areas being treated are larger, or several areas are being treated as part of a skin health plan.  They also can accommodate care plans for when evaluation is required at each appointment, or when management requires several modalities and a longer time.  

TIME  60-75 minutes 


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