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About Us

At Beauty by the Bay Skin and Laser clinic, your skin is in the hands of beauty therapists and dermal clinicians with over 20 years of experience

Image of beauty by the bay reception area
image showing lots of hands diverse in colour representing diversity and inclusion with the words respect, equality, diversity and inclusion in in the middle

Beauty by the Bay Skin and Laser is located in Sandringham, Victoria.  We provide an environment that is welcoming & tranquil.  While we are results-driven and focused on working together toward skin health, we also believe skin health should focus on overall well-being as such our clinical treatments are performed in a friendly and relaxing setting.

Our team includes an integrated team of qualified beauty therapists and dermal clinicians.  This enables us to provide the full spectrum of services from beauty and grooming procedures to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated to clinical treatments to help manage common skin concerns and conditions that impact the skin hair and nails. We can assist all people with skin health and appearance concerns to achieve greater confidence living in their skin over a lifetime.

Dermal clinicians are allied health professionals with expertise in managing the skin, hair, and nails in health as well as common conditions and diseases.  Our dermal clinicians have university qualifications and provide evidence-based skin health education and therapy 

At Beauty by the Bay, we respect and welcome everyone.  We aim to ensure there are no barriers to seeking skin health services.  We embrace people of all ages, race, colour, gender, sexuality, and culture.

Our Team

Expertise. Professional. Caring

Meet the team at Beauty by the Bay, all team members are provided with ongoing education and training to keep up with the latest techniques and technologies.

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