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Book a consultation and education appointment to discuss your concerns or have your questions answered by our experienced beauty therapists and dermal clinicians. 

At Beauty by the Bay Skin and LASER, we offer in person and phone appointments to provide flexibility and support to our clients during their journey with us.

We can use tele-health appointments for initial visit education and assessment, to review, and refine your current management plan, follow up on your progress after treatments and to support you when you can't get into the clinic.


What do I need to know?

Consultation Appointments

At Beauty by the Bay, consultations are a great way for our Dermal Clinicians and Beauty Therapists to understand your concerns and needs as well as what you are experiencing.  In this appointment they will discuss a preliminary care plan with an overview of evidence-based options.  You will be provided with education and resources for self-care to get started, maintain treatment results, or when you don't require in-clinic therapy.    If referrals are required to assist with your concern, these will be provided. 


Before beginning any course of therapy, your care plan will be confirmed after a skin, hair or hail health education and assessment appointment.  If light-based therapies are proposed in your care plan a test patch will be required before committing to any therapy. Depending on your risk of skin cancer development you may also be required to obtain a medically provided skin check before starting treatments to remove pigment or lesions.


Initial Consultation 45 minutes

Review Consultation 30 minutes 

COST RANGE $45-$60

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